welcome to my ux portfolio

My name`s Karolina Garbiec, I`m a UX Designer who is looking for new challenges. Let`s take a look at my projects where I worked as: researcher, designer and product owner. When creating new things usability is the most important feature.


Diploma project – information architecture change on Emigration Museum website.

Development and UX analysis of an internal mobile application

Web platform to send shipment – new features and UI.

Platform dedicated for farmers to calculate farm sustainability.

Instagram and Alarm made and prototyped in UX Pin


Recomendations form my  LinkedIn profile

My experience working with Karolina was during our ERP program. It is web-based platform where "non-ERP" vendors are able to advise its shipments via XML to our SAP. In this project Karolina conducted UX analysis, was involved in product redesign process, where introduced user-friendly new features. Karolina's role was also visual frontend such as functional advisory to development team (partly outsourced). I found cooperation successful based on professional approach. I can surely recommend Karolina as “must have” in any development projects.

Tomasz Kubach ERP Programe Officer at DOVISTA