It’s worth while to make an effort, if it leads to getting a good job. This is why I set myself the goal and created this portfolio website.

Check it out! And who knows- maybe I’m exactly what your team needs.

In 2014 I graduated psychology at the Gdańsk University and I did’t know what UX ment. A few years later, after creating many succesful design projects as well as published texts for various audiences. I consider myself to have an open & creative mind also an eye for detail, I decided to change my professional life. I didn’t want to become a UX Designer too easily or too fast. I wanted to gain a solid education through hard work, that’s why in 2018 I started User Experience at the SWPS University in Sopot. Since then I have completed several UX projects.

  • to create a good product, you need to research with users.
  • it’s not good to have solution – thinking, because after research it turns out to be wrong
  • the more diverse the project group, the better the end result
  • users have their own habits and it’s good to use them
  • Choose the right method and conduct tests: interview, usability tests (remotely), card sorting, treejack test, survey, desk research.
  • Prepare Briefs, Personas, Empathy Maps, User Stories.
  • Customer Journey’s.
  • Analyze data from Google Analytics.
  • Create mockups in UX Pin, Figma and prototype in InVision Studio.
  • Write quality texts.

These which have been implemented and are still functioning today:

  • Shipment platform – all my proposals have been coded and implemented. In this project I was also responsible for the final appearance of the platform.
  • Mobile application – for valuable cooperation with developers and growing interest in the application among users.
  • Create/improve products functionality and UI.
  • Constantly develop my skills.
  • Work with enthusiasts.
  • Take part in Design Sprint.
  • Have the opportunity to carry out AB tests and increase conversion.
  • Work hard for my success.
  • Cooking is my passion
  • I go for aqua aerobics
  • I play ukulele and I travel
  • I’m passionate about the sitcom “Friends”


Recomendations form my LinkedIn profile

My experience working with Karolina was during our ERP program. It is web-based platform where "non-ERP" vendors are able to advise its shipments via XML to our SAP. In this project Karolina conducted UX analysis, was involved in product redesign process, where introduced user-friendly new features. Karolina's role was also visual frontend such as functional advisory to development team (partly outsourced). I found cooperation successful based on professional approach. I can surely recommend Karolina as “must have” in any development projects.

Tomasz Kubach ERP Programe Officer at DOVISTA