Smart Farm


Smart Farm is a platform dedicated to farmers. Because of the changing global climate Smart Farm wants to help farmers measure their performance in regards to sustainability, and thereby allow them to track their own performance. Furthermore, Smart Farm wants to support the increased efforts of the farmers, especially those who help the environment and the reputation of agriculture.

Identified Problem/Need

Smart Farm needs to create & develop a new feature for the platform, that supports the farmers’ interest in sustainable farming.


How to measure sustainability?

Throughout the year, the farmers very simply add their relevant data to the easy to use Smart Farm Platform, to be able to calculate e.g. the total carbon footprint. The CO2 footprint is an import performance indicator for farmers in general.

Based on below data farmers can calculate their CO2 footprint:

My role

As a Product Designer I :

  • designed a new feature to measure farms’ total carbon footprint
  • took into account personas’ needs, wants, desires to create an easy and intuitive feature
  • adjusted UI to existing platform
  • created: A Data input form, a screen with results, The latest data screen, Historical data



Lo-fi mockups:

Data input form:

  • Data to be filled in, in every quarter.
  • Six performance indicators are divided into 3 groups: cows, herd, energy.
  • Validation in every input – only numbers are acceptable.
  • The call to action “CALCULATE” button will let you see your carbon footprint.

Results after calculating:

  • Here you see your carbon footprint result.
  • System automatically calculates your results and shows how environmentally friendly you are.
  • From this screen you can move to Tips & Tricks in order to check how to improve your result.
  • Also, from this screen you can move and compare your results from the past.

After click on link Compare now ->


Historical data

  • Here you can check and compare your result from the past
  • From 2 filters you can choose the parameter and the period of time

After click on link Latest data  ->


Latest data

  • Here you can see results from current year.
  • Carbon footprint is a new feature. Later, you will be able to compare this performance to previous quarters, years etc.

Click on picture to see how does it work: